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Why we use this material?


The same result – thin walls.

In order to achieve desirable thermo insulating result, the walls of the customers house doesn’t has to be thick. Because of thermo insulation advantages, the walls are at least 20% thinner.




For us – it is easier to work with, for customer – high quality house.

During manufacturing process, we use only high quality Neopor, manufactured from materials, imported exclusively from German company BASF.


Neopor is a long lasting, water, decay resistant material. It does note emits any gasses. Customer can be sure, that this material will never affect his health.

Neopor was discovered at 1956 by BASF Company in Germany. First batch of this material was mounted in company’s staff’s houses. For more than 40 years company examined health of their stuff, and discovered no influence of Neopor on their health. Also, in year 2000, walls were opened and examined for structural Neopor changes. The test result was that Neopor almost didn’t change its volume, its integrity was slightly weakened, but it was still acceptable. Because of constant product development, Neopor on today’s market, is much higher quality product, than it was on 1956, so it will last for much longer.


Because we need a smaller amount to build a house, by using Neopor we also reduce manufacturing, transportation costs, and most important – CO emissions.


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