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SIP technology advantages




Comparing ONO and conventional frame house walls having the same width and the same price level – ONO will have approximately 20% better thermal insulation.


  • SIP construction may outperform 4 times conventional stick framed construction in axial load strength;
  • SIP panel can withstand up to 10 tons/m2 of vertical loads and up to 2 tons/m2 transverse load;
  • Due to the standardized and all-in-one nature of SIPs constructing SIP panels will result in a tighter building envelope.


  • All panels will have recessed area for their joinery;
  • ONO uses bonded timber beam as a joint for panels which grants:
    • huge extra stability to SIPs joinery  and whole building enclosure;
    • resistance to atmospheric fluctuations (There are many manufacturers using just simple timber or avoiding timber beam as joint at all).


Main building mounted at construction site within 8-12 days.


Choosing ONO SIP’s you choose ecological solution to preserve our nature.


  • Short construction time allows saving on labor expenses;
  • Easy construction eliminates necessity for heavy, complex foundation;
  • Using ONO panels gives building great construction stability against atmospheric fluctuations which makes building very versatile in terms of external decoration – any material could be applied as exterior finish.


Over time mineral wool tends to fall through which leads to voids and loss of insulation and automatically thermal bridging therefore frame house reconstruction is necessity after 5-7 year. ONO panels using Neopor as insulation material eliminates this problem completely.

Low cost and Energy efficient houses are made from premanufactured Bakuze SIP panels ONO
(OSB-Neopor-OSB), which use Neopor foam for innovative house insulation.

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